The Exploded Street - performance

This is an audio-visual artwork. Fullscreen viewing with headphones is highly recommended.

About this artwork
The Exploded Street explores the confluence and dissonance that may exist within shared experience and memories. In this performance, an audible crowd flits between chorus and cacophony, as they read from an interactive text - based on a passage from Bruno Schulz’s short story 'August' - that has been shaped by the readers to create their own telling of events.

This audio-visual artwork documents a composite performance of the interactive text, also titled The Exploded Street, which was created in February 2020 and intended as the script for a collective performance. The lockdown of March 2020 meant that assembling a group to read the text together was no longer possible. This 'performance' is therefore an arrangement of individual, home recordings that were collected over several weeks.

This artwork was made possible thanks to audio arrangement by Matthew Mewett; advice on sound accessibility from Sophie Meekings; and performances contributed by Zinzi, Nicola, Janet, Mike, Ethan, Archie, Charlotte, Phoebe, Nog, Ken, Floss, Lottie, Will, David, Calina, Geneva, Eleanor, Vic, Jack and Hannah.